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december 1

yeow! i can't believe that december is already here! this year has passed by so quickly, has been alot of fun, packed with lots of visits with old friends and meeting new friends! you wont see me much for the next week, since i will be out of town without my computer, but i WILL have pics to post when i get back from my trip!!! i think you might like them....

december 7

i am back from my trip and it was amazing there....went straight to the beach....

a very very happy me on a very very empty beach in a very very beautiful place....

the second day was just as gorgeous. look at the color of the ocean!!! sheesh.........

here i am with my friend cindy!

this is what i looked at every day... i think this is also my favorite photo from the entire trip...

at the pool...

one of the hotel "pets!"

my daily view

thats all of the highlights of my trip! (didnt take many pics, was way too busy relaxing!) now its back to the grind! tee hee...

december 8

to all of my friends who are celebrating!!!

december 10

the gogirls music fest last night was a big success! madalyn came to town for the weekend and it was so nice to have her there to hang out with the SoCal go girls!!!!! here are some cute pics! me, madalyn and kelly z, chairperson extraordinaire!

diane, the owner of the liquid lounge, and charlie white, our first performer.

fuji minx rocks!!!

tisa and me with our friend brian - we played much closer to his home than durango!!!! :D

madalyn checks her email!!!

thanx david for taking a great pic of us with the gogirls banner!!!!

mark and david!

unofficial gogirl, perry, with kelly z!!!!

corday hangs with madalyn!

holly light rocks!

georgia and madalyn!

i didnt get pics of everyone and i am so sorry!!!!! thanks to all of our friends who came out to support gogirls and our charity for 2004, musicares!

december 12

yesterdays gig was interesting to say the least. it was a gorgeous day, although a bit hot for our guitars, and i think i have a suntan on my left shoulder!

more live pics!


rachel and sean stopped by!!!

our sunburned and tanned guitars! :D


electric earl!

then later on at the borders gig, my old orchids bandmate, sunbie sinn showed up to say hello! it was wild seeing her, because it's been a long, long time!!!! she even called jan (another bandmate) while we were playing, and i got to chat with her for awhile! fun! the strangest thing about the evening was a couple just happened to bring the orchids album for me to autograph for them!!!! so they got 2/5ths of the band!!!! weeeeeee! so stoney! here i am with sunbie!

december 14

last night tisa and i returned to the universal bar and grill and dennis was there with roses in tow, and we played for an hour... of course d took his artistic pics and sent them to me.... here they are, and thanx d!!!!!!

now, stop reading my journal and go get some christmas shopping done!!!!!

december 14

another crappy day in l.a...... tee hee

december 19

me on mammoth mountain! woo hoo!

will try to take some pics at my gig.... forgot last night, sorry!!!! only 6 days til christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

december 24

have a great christmas, everyone! i am flying back east tonight (with santa) and will be in pennsylvania christmas morning!!! please let your friends and family know that i am playing in baltimore, bethlehem and scranton around new years eve.... send them over to say hi!!!!! xoxo

december 26

hope you all had an awesome christmas!!! i did! here i am with the producers for christmas breakfast at the gilberts!!!

here is my glamourous cousin, erin....

and then today, finally, it snowed!!! not much, just a little dusting, but enough to make it sparkle outside!!!

that's all for today - i plan to go ski tomorrow so will try to remember to take some pics of the pennsylvania mountains!!!

december 27

today was fun... went to see our local covered bridge after the dusting of snow last night... bells mills covered bridge. beautiful:

and then i HAD to get my pic in front of it too....

never got out on the slopes today but might shoot for tomorrow, so will post some pics then! see ya!!!

december 28

so far today has been pretty awesome... drove to hidden valley to ski for a few hours and it was a gorgeous drive to the local mountains...

what a cute ski resort hidden valley is!!! not alot of natural snow, but the blowers were making it while the temps were below freezing (it was 16 this morning when i left the house, brrrr....).

self portrait...

one of the beautiful beginner trails...

i left right before it got too busy!

tonights plan is ice skating in pittsburgh with some girlfriends and then dinner in the strip district! woo hoo! i will definitely be bringing my camera!

december 29

skating last night was AWESOME! vicki, sara and i had a blast even with dodging the little kids and the teens who were chasing each other...coming atcha! vicki and i skate towards sara!

the gals skate by.....

baby, it's cold outside

- but not too cold to have some fun on the ice! ppg ice rink is amazing, alot of fun, and in a gorgeous plaza in downtown pittsburgh....we went to market square afterwards for dinner, and ended our great evening!!! what holiday cheer!!!

i head out in a little bit to maryland, and will take journal pics for you the whole way!

december 30

pics from yesterday's beginning of "on the road again!" this was the incredible view from pennsylvania to maryland. it's just soooo awesome to see the mountains and hills and valleys and is breathtaking....

finally arrived at sue's!!!

had some dinner with the family... tommy, john, sue, erik and lauren... (paul was out grilling our burgers!)

then off to the gig where electric earl's mom, loretta showed up to see me play!!!!

had a really fun gig - everyone was sooo nice and it was great to be back in baltimore!!!

tomorrow i will post more pics, and i have ALOT!!!! it's a fun tour so far!

december 31

have a safe new years eve! i am in scranton, pa, performing for their first night celebration and will take some pics to post tomorrow for ya! will also post some pics from the rest of this tour, in the january journal. either on the 1st or the 2nd, OK???? so, dont fret, they are coming soon! happy new year and i will see you NEXT YEAR! eee-ha!